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Samsung S22 Ultra 5G (s908) Full Dump File (16GB)

SKU: Samsung S22 Ultra 5G s908 dump

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Samsung S22 Ultra 5G Full Dump with All security files (File Size 16GB)

Guide: How to Download and Flashing Samsung S22 Ultra 5G Full Dump File (S908)

Learn how to address dead boot or no boot issues effectively with the Samsung S22 Ultra 5G Full Dump File and UFS Flasher Tools.

  1. What is it?

    • The Samsung S22 Ultra 5G Full Dump File is essential software for repairing dead boot or no boot issues in the device. It contains crucial boot partition and bootloader files.
  1. Steps: a. Find a Reliable Source: Choose a trustworthy source to download the Dump File. b. Download: Save the Dump File to your computer from the reliable source. c. Extract: Decompress the file using WinRAR or 7-Zip to access its contents. d. Open UFS Flasher Tool: Launch your preferred tool like Easy Jtag Plus or UFI BOX. e. Connect Device: Use a UFS Flasher to connect your Samsung S22 Ultra 5G to the computer. f. Identify UFS: Ensure proper communication between the tool and the device by identifying the UFS. g. Select Dump File: Within the UFS Flasher Tool, choose the extracted Dump File. h. Initiate Flashing: Start the flashing process by clicking “Start” in the tool. i. Monitor Progress: Keep an eye on the progress through the tool’s feedback. j. Verify Operation: After flashing, ensure the device boots up properly to confirm success.
  2. Conclusion:
  3. Follow these steps to successfully download and flash the Samsung S22 Ultra 5G Full Dump File, resolving dead boot or no boot issues. Adhering to proper procedures and using reliable tools are crucial for success.


Samsung S22 Ultra 5G (s908) Full Dump File (16GB)

Parameter Value
Model Settings
Interface UFS
Gear HS-G2A
VCC 2.6V
Connected Reading information
Manufacturer Name SAMSUNG
Product Name KLUFG8RHGB-B0E1
Serial Number ????????????
[NAME] ROW_SZ PageSz PageCount
[Unit0] 476GB 4096 124785664
[BootA] 8MB 4096 2048
[BootB] 8MB 4096 2048
[Unit3] 4MB 4096 1024
[Unit4] 640MB 4096 163840
[Unit5] 16MB 4096 4096
[RPMB] 16MB 256 65536
[Attribute] WR:4B RD:4B
[Descriptor] WR:256B RD:256B
Backup Security Partitions
Reading LUN_0_Part0_PrimaryGPT_0.bin… Done
Reading LUN_0_Part1_modemst1.bin… Done
Reading LUN_0_Part2_modemst2.bin… Done
Reading LUN_0_Part5_persist.bin… Done
Reading LUN_0_Part6_efs.bin… Done
Reading LUN_0_Part41_BackupGPT_0.bin… Done
Reading LUN_1_Part0_PrimaryGPT_1.bin… Done
Reading LUN_1_Part5_BackupGPT_1.bin… Done
Reading LUN_2_Part0_PrimaryGPT_2.bin… Done
Reading LUN_2_Part4_BackupGPT_2.bin… Done
Reading LUN_3_Part0_PrimaryGPT_3.bin… Done
Reading LUN_3_Part4_BackupGPT_3.bin… Done
Reading LUN_4_Part0_PrimaryGPT_4.bin… Done
Reading LUN_4_Part47_BackupGPT_4.bin… Done
Reading LUN_5_Part0_PrimaryGPT_5.bin… Done
Reading LUN_5_Part1_fsg.bin… Done
Reading LUN_5_Part3_BackupGPT_5.bin… Done
Reading Attribute… Done
Reading Descriptor… Done
Read Finished
Reading LUN_0_16GB.bin… Done
Reading LUN_1.bin… Done
Reading LUN_2.bin… Done
Reading LUN_3.bin… Done
Reading LUN_4.bin… Done
Reading LUN_5.bin… Done








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