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Samsung A53 5G (A536U) Full Dump File (16GB) Original price was: ₹500.00.Current price is: ₹200.00.
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Realme 11 Pro 5G (rmx 3771) Full Dump File (16GB) Original price was: ₹500.00.Current price is: ₹300.00.

Realme 5 Pro Full Dump File (8GB)

SKU: Realme 5 Pro Dump

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Original price was: ₹500.00.Current price is: ₹200.00.

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Realme 5 Pro Full Dump with All security files (File Size 8GB)

Guide: How to Download and Flashing Realme 5 Pro Full Dump File

Learn how to address dead boot or no boot issues effectively with the Realme 5 Pro Full Dump File and UFS Flasher Tools.

  1. What is it?

    • The Realme 5 Pro Full Dump File is essential software for repairing dead boot or no boot issues in the device. It contains crucial boot partition and bootloader files.
  1. Steps: a. Find a Reliable Source: Choose a trustworthy source to download the Dump File. b. Download: Save the Dump File to your computer from the reliable source. c. Extract: Decompress the file using WinRAR or 7-Zip to access its contents. d. Open UFS Flasher Tool: Launch your preferred tool like Easy Jtag Plus or UFI BOX. e. Connect Device: Use a UFS Flasher to connect your Realme 5 Pro to the computer. f. Identify UFS: Ensure proper communication between the tool and the device by identifying the UFS. g. Select Dump File: Within the UFS Flasher Tool, choose the extracted Dump File. h. Initiate Flashing: Start the flashing process by clicking “Start” in the tool. i. Monitor Progress: Keep an eye on the progress through the tool’s feedback. j. Verify Operation: After flashing, ensure the device boots up properly to confirm success.
  2. Conclusion:
  3. Follow these steps to successfully download and flash the Realme 5 Pro Full Dump File, resolving dead boot or no boot issues. Adhering to proper procedures and using reliable tools are crucial for success.
  5. Realme 5 pro Complete 8GB Dump file

  6. Model Settings Interface UFS
    Gear HS-G2A
    VCC 3.3V
    VCCQ 1.8V
    Connected Reading information
    Manufacturer Name SKhynix
    Product Name H9HQ53ACPMMDAR
    Serial Number ???
    OEM ID 01AD [NAME]
    ROW_SZ PageSz PageCount
    [Unit0] 58GB 4096
    [BootA] 4MB 4096
    [BootB] 4MB 4096
    [Unit3] 32MB 4096
    [Unit4] 656MB 4096
    [Unit5] 256MB 4096
    [RPMB] 16MB 256
    [Attribute] WR:4B RD:4B
    [Descriptor] WR:256B RD:256B
    Reading Android Info ManfcID = REALME
    BuildID = PKQ1.190101.001
    Android = 9 (Pie)
    Region = EN-US
    CPUApi = ARM64-V8A
    Backup security partitions
    Reading LUN_0_Part0_PrimaryGPT_0.bin Done
    Reading LUN_0_Part2_persist.bin Done
    Reading LUN_0_Part15_BackupGPT_0.bin Done
    Reading LUN_1_Part0_PrimaryGPT_1.bin Done
    Reading LUN_1_Part4_BackupGPT_1.bin Done
    Reading LUN_2_Part0_PrimaryGPT_2.bin Done
    Reading LUN_2_Part2_BackupGPT_2.bin Done
    Reading LUN_3_Part0_PrimaryGPT_3.bin Done
    Reading LUN_3_Part5_BackupGPT_3.bin Done
    Reading LUN_4_Part0_PrimaryGPT_4.bin Done
    Reading LUN_4_Part35_BackupGPT_4.bin Done
    Reading LUN_5_Part0_PrimaryGPT_5.bin Done
    Reading LUN_5_Part4_modemst1.bin Done
    Reading LUN_5_Part5_modemst2.bin Done
    Reading LUN_5_Part11_fsg.bin Done
    Reading LUN_5_Part14_BackupGPT_5.bin Done
    Reading Attribute Done
    Reading Descriptor Done
    Backups /SKhynix_H9HQ53ACPMMDAR
    Reading LUN_0_8GB.bin Done
    Reading LUN_1.bin Done
    Reading LUN_2.bin Done
    Reading LUN_3.bin Done
    Reading LUN_4.bin Done
    Reading LUN_5.bin Done








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